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Anywhere, Anytime


Were travel, art, architecture, fashion, food and adventure meet. Founder and global adventurer Geren Lockhart was "Born Packed" when she started traveling at a young age and never stopped. This site follows along on her journey. 




Geren Lockhart

Some thoughts on the containers and tools that I use to navigate the globe. I have spent a good part of the last three years thinking about packing, traveling, and luggage. Represented here is the edited kit coming with me tomorrow to Jakarta, Bangkok, and Tokyo. I will check a bag.  I have liquids to large to carry-on. I am ok waiting on a bag. I travel with too much equipment. Between the computer kit and the camera kit combined it's a bag and a half of carry-on. (kits listed below) I have gotten better at limiting what I bring, at re-purposing things from other parts of my life, at customizing objects to make them work. 

The wonderful news is that with all this thinking has come a TON of ideas about how the world of travel products needs a facelift, and I am working on it. Products will happen. The learning and ideas will come full circle along with the necessary goal to make a set of "things" that are what I call "good, great & good." 

Good for the planet and the supply chain - including the human labor

Great products that will shine in any marketplace. Products that are superior to what is available now. Things that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Good for the consumer and the planet - for the lifetime of the products use and beyond. 

More soon.

Luggage Kit/

 Loewe Puzzle, Goyard Tote, Longchamp Tote, Rimowa Suitcase, Tumi Dop, Baggu Zips, Cambodian Zips, Art Brat Pouch, Celine Dustcover

Computer Kit/

 MacBook Air, ipad Air, iphone 6S, Samsung S6 Edge, External G Drive, External WD Passport DriveParrot Vik Headphones, Adapters and chargers.

Camera Kit/

Sony A7S, Contax T3, Fuji Instax, Go Pro, Joby Tri-pod, External Flash, Microphone and countless chargers, cables, cards, batteries, film, and adapters.