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Anywhere, Anytime



Were travel, art, architecture, fashion, food and adventure meet. Founder and global adventurer Geren Lockhart was "Born Packed" when she started traveling at a young age and never stopped. This site follows along on her journey. 



 GLOBAL CITIZEN / Brand Consultant / fashion entrepreneur / creative director

Raised by artist parents, Geren Lockhart embraced a childhood split between New York’s infamous Soho district and Northern California’s Bay Area. Growing up amidst the spirited, bohemian art scene of the 1970’s and 80’s, Lockhart embarked upon an intriguing adventure of cultural discovery that still drives every aspect of her life today. 

The first decade and a half of Lockhart’s professional career were spent as an advertising production executive and stylist working for world-class firms such as Chiat/Day and Partizan. She quickly found herself flung to the remotest corners of the world, expected to not only thrive, but also deliver for clients including American Express, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Levi’s, and Vanity Fair, CBS, NBC, 20th Century Fox. While working as an ad executive in Manhattan, she rounded out her already busy schedule with a fashion design program at Parsons School of Design. This came in handy when in 2000 she realized she had nothing to wear while running errands or grabbing coffee that was at once kempt and comfortable. The pants she created to fill this need would eventually be known as the pants that started it all as the initial creative success drove her to found Geren Ford and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.  

Synthesizing inspiration found on her travels and culled from the diverse worlds of art, film, music, and architecture into a lifestyle brand, Lockhart filled a void in the loungewear market that was instantly embraced by contemporary customers and fashion editors alike. Her worldly sense of chic and solution-oriented approach to design materialized into must-have pieces that women eagerly incorporated into their lives then as they do today.

Sought out for her keen eye, business savvy, and unwavering engagement, Lockhart has become a distinct voice in the fashion, luxury, business, communication, and media landscapes. As an expert, she has been tapped to speak on numerous panels for companies and institutes of higher education such as Harvard Business School. As a guest curator, she partnered with non-profit on a challenge that would inspire their expansion into the fashion category. She acted as Creative Director for a variety of projects and brands. In addition to being the subject of dozens of features in glossy national and international publications and websites, her lifestyle and travel coverage has appeared on Cool Hunting, Fashionista,, Hotel Chatter, and Fathom.  

When not traversing the globe in search of experiences and greater understanding of the people, places, and works of art that have inspired the culturally rich life she lives, Lockhart can be found in Nichols Canyon with her dog Quinn and a lot of clothes and shoes.