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Were travel, art, architecture, fashion, food and adventure meet. Founder and global adventurer Geren Lockhart was "Born Packed" when she started traveling at a young age and never stopped. This site follows along on her journey. 


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Geren Lockhart


The Alila Hotel in Ubud, Bali is a unique and calming world where design meets jungle. From Denpasar airport, the property is an exciting and sometimes shockingly beautiful ninety min drive up into the mountains. We spent our first night in Bali here and would recommend it to anyone visiting for a longer stay as a great entry point. Waking up to the sunrise and the jungle monkeys roaming around was a lovely entry to a new world.  The food throughout our stay was a highlight, somewhat expected since it’s a program that was framed out by Elke and Ray from Locavore in downtown Ubud. Locavore is one of our favorite spots to experience food on the planet. Elke and Ray are visionaries and magicians who practice their art through the idea of integrating European technique with only local ingredients. These ideals are still in place at the Alila, putting their best foot forward when the restaurant is serving it’s decadent must have breakfast every day. This is NOT a lukewarm hotel buffet set-up. There was a multitude of beverage options and tons of small plates to try. The menu changes daily and you are encouraged to order 3 or 4 things, and if you’re sharing you can go even crazier, the portions are manageable and are meant to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the food of Bali, to immerse yourself in the place. 

The grounds are lush, and the all of the spaces are well designed and still Balinese enough that you don’t feel like an urban alien dropped into the middle of an ancient civilization. Rooms are comfortable and chic if not ultra luxurious. The personal products through the property, room and spa are all from the locally produced namesake brand, and they’re great! Enough so that we not only squirreled away the ones from our room but went a bit crazy in the spa store stocking up since we didn't have an idea of when we might return. 

2016-03-30 04.12.15 3.jpg

The highlight of our stay was the pool. An "infinity-ish" moment set near the edge of a cliff and perfectly laid out so you can enjoy laying in the pool as much as relaxing beside it. Save a day for this. A full mid morning to sunset to immerse fully in the experience. Lunch in the lower-level grand scale lounge area, dip in and out of the pool, the sun, and the very comfortable beds as you wish. 

Relaxation is pretty much guaranteed here and as with most properties in Bali the rates are a great value for the level of the stay. 

 Alila Ubud



Geren Lockhart

2016-03-30 11.02.39 2.jpg


Tulsi is a Warung in Ubud, Bali. By definition a warung is a simple local restaurant. It is simple. Housed in a small quickly put together structure, serving straightforward Indian food from a menu that has only two entree options adding sides that are from what is fresh at the local farms and markets that day, choosing from dosa or roti for a set price that is a steal.  Add on a beverage from homemade Indian favorites like lassi or chai, and if you are smart, you will save room for the homemade Kulfi.

However just like most things that are simple yet truly well done when you take a deeper look you find there is more to the story. You are seated in a room that’s spacious and well designed, using local materials and modern details. The owners son who is responsible has an eye for design thus Tulsi's interior is superior to most warungs on the island. The room is anchored by an open kitchen peering out at you through shelves of neatly organized supplies. Details shine, from unique and creative tile moments to the use of recycled wine bottles as lighting fixtures you are left knowing that it’s all very considered.

Rani is the owner of Tulsi and is Indian by birth. She has called Australia home for the last few decades and in 2015, she made the full-time move to Ubud where she brought with her generations-old family recipes and a deep well of know-how when it comes to the foods of her homeland. Since Indian food isn’t a widespread option in Bali and spices are the most crucial component of the cuisine she’s often adventuring to Singapore’s Little India and the epic mega source Mustafa Center to gather the must have components. These dishes and condiments are not just slapped together quickly. Cooking is an all the time endeavor at Tulsi. It will be the many days of work that you taste when you have the food. You feel the choices to do it right. The selection of ingredients combined with doing things as they are done in India. It is not just good Indian for Bali; it is good Indian for anywhere.  

The food is where Tulsi shines. High quality dishes with just the right amount of complexity while remaining authentically Indian. Your meal is served on a metal tray cafeteria style. Despite the utilitarian delivery the dishes and condiments will have you oohing from the first bite to the last. It's comfort food and If you are anything like us you will be begging for a little more of this or that depending on the days offering. We loved Tulsi so much that we stole away from packing on our last day in Bali to make sure we got to have the experience one more time. After six weeks and countless wonderful meals, it speaks volumes that this was our last stop on the island.

Tulsi Warung Nyuh Kuning



Geren Lockhart

Shiro Sushi is a tiny piece of Tokyo hidden away upstairs at One Eleven Resorts, a modern design hotel on the edge of a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With impressive organic modern interiors by celebrated Osaka-based architect Shibemasa Noi, you could go just for the atmosphere and escape while filling up on the extensive sake and Japanese whiskey offerings. That is just the beginning, despite the perfect surroundings and strong cocktails, you will soon realize that it is the food that shines at Shiro. The sushi is perfect; the cooked dishes are creative without being molecular, and the sashimi is something I will make my way back all the way to Seminyak, Bali to experience again. I had the small omakase menu, and it was spot on. Sit at the bar and make some new friends while you watch the chef work his magic with stunningly gorgeous pieces of super fresh fish. Do yourself a favor and book in advance as it fills up, and you won't want to miss this spot. Shiro stands out among a lot of tourist filled mediocre offerings on the island. Dinner here will be one of the highlights of your time in Bali.

Shiro Sushi





Geren Lockhart

(Mar 27 2015 02-22 PM)OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.(4032x3024).JPEG

Locavore is my favorite restaurant on earth. The great news is that I've been many times. The not so great news is that it's in the hills an hour and a half from the nearest airport more than a day of flying from where I live. It's hidden away up in the mountains of Ubud, Bali. My introduction to Locavore comes from a list of recommendations generously gifted to me by a hotel manager that had spent a few years living in Bali. The note said, Locavore comes highly recommended, but I haven't been yet. I was not in Ubud town proper except one afternoon this trip. Just long enough to meet a couple of new ex-pat friends for lunch when they happened to be in Ubud the same day. 

We were wandering the streets looking for one of three spots I had pulled from the list for lunch. Brigitte looks up and says "Wait isn't that the spot you mentioned?" It's two o'clock and Locavore isn't a restaurant you just walk into and get a table. Not because it is too fancy because it is too good, it's too small, and it just doesn't happen. I'm really happy I didn't know that. They were through a good portion of the lunch service, and there were open tables. Maybe it was my American enthusiasm or my addiction to the role that serendipity plays in this adventure that has become my life. Either way I went for it and the gentle and soulful manager who I will come to know as Adi welcomed us to a late lunch seating for what was a life changing meal. 

Some clarity on that meal. We didn't have the tasting menu; we only ordered vegetable dishes, and we decided to share. All things you don't do if you know what you're in for and what you'll be missing. None of this mattered. The wine pairings are perfection. The extra courses, pallet cleansers, bread and much more mean that with one dish or ten you are in for a meal where there will be more "oohs" and "oh my god's" than actual conversation. We were all high and floating from the amazing, unexpected experience as we wound down the meal with the three courses of dessert that come when you pass on the idea altogether. I just couldn't walk out the door without getting the story of Locavore. As any food drunk new superfan would I found Adi and inquired. He told me that Eelke and Ray were the chef's and that the three of them were partners in the business. They had all worked together funny enough at the hotel I was staying at where they were given freedom in partnership with the general manager at the time to explore their passion. Local ingredients, European technique and getting to play. Once I hear this, it explains the quality of the food at the hotel. The Alila Ubud. While it is not the same level as Locavore, it is some of the best hotel food I have ever had. They respectfully continue the story that Eelke, Ray and Adi started.  

I have a few more stories about Locavore underway. Lots and lots of photos of beautiful food and drink to come but this tale is actually about a special experience I got to have earlier this year during my return visit to Ubud. This time, I was in town for a month. I had been corresponding with Eelke since I left about seeing them when I returned so I could tell their story in a bigger way. About a week before I am leaving to return home I get to spend a very special afternoon and evening with Eelke, Ray, Adi and the entire family at Locavore

Eelke invited me to have family meal with the staff; they do this every day. Sometimes it is the sous chefs who prepare, sometimes it is Adi's mom, sometimes it is the chefs. Today it's the sous chefs. I arrive just after the end of lunch service as the crew is breaking down the kitchen which they completely turn over every day between lunch and dinner services. It is a bit like a kooky symphony. Eelke introduces me to the general manager who was their long ago collaborator at The Alila Ubud. He happened to be visiting at the same time I was. I learn that he is Dutch and doesn't live in Bali anymore but Oman and that an unfortunate accident and his recovery had unexpectedly delayed his departure by a few days. There goes that serendipity again. We walk with Eelke to the cafe and expanded kitchen they are just weeks away from opening up the street. They need more room to prep the main kitchens needs and want to explore easier access to their food, range of sauces, and new ideas. I want to cry because it won't be open before I head home, and I won't get to take back massive quantities of the green sauce given to you with the bread. When you go, and you have it, you will know what I mean. You'll be willing to eat a second loaf just for the sauce. You will not even think about watching how much bread you eat as it does not matter when this sauce is involved. 

We make our way back to Locavore and family meal is almost ready. We all sit-down, we eat our way through elevated complex versions of more traditional Indonesian fare. It's divine. It is like no food I will have during the rest of my time in Bali. Traditional dishes, local produce, spices and proteins that are new and changed and informed by the risk taking and technique that Eelke and Ray have taught their crew. We drink great wine. They breath before service and I take way to many photos. It is a meal I will always remember. 

Just as the pre-service family meal is winding down the most wonderful Japanese couple walk in the door. Eelke gets up and greets them as everyone else is still seated and eating. The couple is very polite as they are inquiring about the possibility of a table.  The couple is lucky. They are early, and there is time for them to sit immediately and be done before they need the table for a later reservation. The woman squeals in the most delicate way. I know exactly how she feels. I was that lucky once. 

Reserve. I'm not encouraging you to bum rush the restaurant because that will lead to disappointment. With their growing popularity, I doubt that this is even possible anymore. Don't risk it. More about Locavore very soon.  


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